Today is: Saturday, April 18, 2015
  • Bill Cosby Had Non-Consensual Sex with Me – And I Loved It

  • IRS Scam Bilks Citizens Out of Billions

  • Sony Plans Sequel to ‘The Interview’

  • 30-Year-Old Escapes from Hot Car

  • Character Based on Edward Snowden Added to Marvel’s Avenger Series

Skunk Nation

Rand Paul

Rand Paul’s Plagiarism Apology Lifted from Anthony Weiner Speech

WASHINGTON ( -- Sen. Rand Paul's apology for using plagiarized passages in his speeches appears to have been extracted from a s...

Science & Tech


GOP Alternative to Obamacare: Insurance by Skin Color

WASHINGTON ( – Conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation proposed on Monday a sys...


Missing Malaysian Train

Malaysian Passenger Train Missing

KUALA LAMPUR ( – A light rail Metro train heading from Kelana Jaya to Gombak on Tuesday never reached its destination, accordin...


The Interview, Part 2

Sony Plans Sequel to ‘The Interview’

HOLLYWOOD, CA ( -- Sony Pictures today announced its plans to produce a sequel to their controversial motion picture “The Inte...


Stolen Fleet Enemas

Nationwide Theft of Fleet Enemas Sign of Struggling Economy, Mass Constipation

ST. PAUL ( -- Fleet Enemas are being  stolen from store shelves across the country by the thousands.  Over the past six months,...