Palin Fans Can't Read Book

FORKS BEND, KY – Some fans of Sarah Palin were disappointed with the former Alaska Governor’s best seller, “Going Rogue,” when they realized they were unable to decipher its contents.

“Quite, frankly, I thought there’d be more pictures in it,” explained Riley Bartod, head of the Palin 2012 Campaign committee in Louisville. “It’s a kind of big book not to have some kind of purty designs inside, dontcha think?”

His wife Molly agreed. “It’s lovely how she put those little black squiggly marks on all them pages,” she noted, “but nobody around here can figure out what in the heck they mean.”

“It’s some sort of code,” speculated their teenage son Max, who considers himself to be Palin’s “Number Zero” fan. “If there was some kinda school where they teach these black, squiggly code marks, maybe we could learn us what the heck she’s saying.”

The highschooler’s response elicited a sharp smack across the face from his mother.  “You think Sarah would want you being pulled out of home school,” asked his mother, “just to learn some fancy new code?”

“No, mama. Course not.”

The Bartod family decided to send their copy of “Rogue” back to Sarah Palin, but were faced with an insurmountable shipping problem.

“We got the book all wrapped up nicely,” said the elder Bartod, “but we can’t figger out how-in-the-world to let the mailman know where to take it.”

“If only we could learn Sarah’s code,” sighed Molly, “we could teach it to the postman, and then he’d know what to do with her book.”


  1. Cheng Ho says:

    Dear Franklin

    Sadly the home-schooled have severe disadvantages compared to normal people. It is unfortunate that Sarah depends on the home-schooled and their parents as her base of support. While it is true they might not be stupid, they are unavoidably ignorant.

    Cheers my good man (I assume)

  2. FRANKLIN says:

    It is absurd to take the line of thought that all Conservatives or Republicans are uneducated rednecks. The extreme Right has about as many believers as the extreme Left. Both are marginal and do not represent the larger society. Most people reside somewhere in the large middle, taking attributes from both.

  3. Hysterium says:

    Holy Tarnations!! Golly Gee… A huh!! I love you squiggly lines!! They’s funny!!!

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