Nude Photos of Some Woman Discovered on Internet has found 4 nude photos of some woman on the Internet and is pleased to present them here on our website for your voyeuristic pleasure.

These exclusive, revealing photographs will be posted for only 48 hours, after which time they will be removed and put into our vault until next year.

CAUTION: You must be 18 years of age or older to view these photographs. If you are under 18, please click here.

We cannot identify the naked woman seen in the photos. If you know who it is — or if it is you — please let us know. We’d love to hear from you — or better yet, come to our office to confirm your identity.

We cannot identify the naked men seen in the photos. If you know who they are — or if you are one of them — please keep it to yourself.

Also, please do not masturbate to these photographs. Wherever your thoughts happen to wander as you look at the undressed, unidentified woman (or men, if you drive in that direction) depicted in these photos, keep in mind that, although nude, she is a human being, and we hope that you treat her erotic, heart-pounding images with the respect they deserve.

We cannot identify the other naked women in the photographs. If you know who they are, please let us know. If you are one of them: Cool!

We cannot identify the blurry, saliva-slickened object in the foreground. If you know what it is — or if it belongs to you — or if the object isn’t yours, but the saliva is — please let us know.

Feel free to forward this page to your friends and family members (over the age of 18), by clicking on the email button above.

We assume these photographs are copyrighted, which means they may not be printed or reproduced by any means or on any other website, or used for political or satirical purposes anywhere else. If you download them to your hard drive, do not tell anybody where you found them. If you say you found them here, we will just deny it. The point is, please respect the right to privacy of the woman depicted in these photos.

If you use Photoshop to put someone else’s head on her body, it’s probably okay to post the photos on other websites. We don’t really know. Check with your attorney.

Finally, we’re not really sure that the person in the photos is actually a woman or an attractive man with a wig who happens to bear a strinking resemblance to Lady Gaga. But for those of you who will be pumpin’ the ol’ palmetto, does it really matter? What you can believe, you can achieve.

By clicking on the link below, you certify that you agree to all of the aforementioned stuff that we just said.

All right now, you ready?

To see the nude photos of some woman we discovered on the Internet — or someone who may or may not be a woman — click here.


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