Google Takes Street View into People's Houses, Apartments

Google takes its Street View program into people's homes

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA  ( — Google’s popular Street View program, featured in Google Maps and Google Earth, which allows users to view photographic images of virtually any street in the world, will now be including pictures taken from inside your neighbor’s house. Google photographers will be sent into every residential house and apartment across the country, photographing each bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, nook, and cranny.

Google says its photographers will not invade homes while the occupants are present, but will wait until they have gone for the day before entering with their cameras.

On the rare instance when inhabitants appear in the pictures — say, if they are sitting on the toilet or engaging in sexual intercourse — Google will blur the faces of the individuals.

Google says the program will “peel the onion of private property” and allow users to get a front-row peek into the various layers of human existence .

“You’ll be able to see what the guy across the street keeps in his medicine cabinet,” added one Google executive, “from the privacy of your own home.”


  1. Rob R says:

    Good, cause I’m trying to find out if my neighbor killed someone.