Mastermind in ‘Bees for Honey’ Ring Nabbed in Sting Operation

FBI Nabs Bees for Honey Mastermind

WASHINGTON ( — Federal agents announced Monday the arrest of Guillermo “The Beekeeper” Patterson, leader of the notorious “Bees for Honey” ring, whose capture had eluded authorities for over seven years.

Patterson’s clandestine operation used swarms of bees to procure hundreds of thousands of gallons of pure honey, which was then bottled and sent to retailers across America, where it was sold to unwitting consumers.

The operation had been flying under radar until an anonymous tip had authorities buzzing. The FBI sent undercover agents posing as worker bees to the so-called “bee farm.”

After combing the area, agents discovered thousands of bees imprisoned inside small wooden boxes.

“It was inhuman trafficking, pure and simple,” said an FBI spokesperson. “These unpaid workers were forced to make honey under the most inhumane conditions I have ever witnessed.”

In addition to accusations of forced labor, the FBI report says that many of the bees were induced into a bizarre sexual ritual, where they were required to copulate with “The Queen” – a mysterious figure who has yet to be apprehended – in order to produce new generations of workers.

When asked about the allegations, Patterson refused to comment, telling reporters, “It’s none of your beeswax.”