NASA Photo Reveals Gandalf on Mars

BALTIMORE ( — Just one day after an amateur astronomer in Japan discovered a giant rat lying on the surface of the red planet while scouring a high-resolution photograph taken from NASA’s Curiosity rover, a local grad student made an equally astounding observation. On the opposite side of that same photo, Jack Marliabetta noticed the wizard Gandalf emerging from the Martian surface, apparently ready to do battle with the Martian rat.

The second-year law student from the University of Maryland contacted NASA as soon as he made the discovery. “I’m not sure how he got on Mars,” noted Marliabetta, “but, hey, the guy’s got magical powers, so I guess he can just wave his hands and — poof — there he is.”

A spokesperson for NASA would neither confirm nor deny the existence of Gandalf on Mars. “We don’t know whether the man in the photograph is actually the powerful wizard from the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings or just some old guy in a pointed hat,” said the spokesperson. “Until such time as we can verify his identity, any reports should be considered merely speculative.”