IRS Accused of Extorting Millions from Working-Class Americans

WASHINGTON ( — The Internal Revenue Service targeted millions of citizens in a wide-ranging extortion ring, according to a new report published Monday. IRS employees are accused of singling out Americans who were either employed, self-employed or receiving other forms of compensation, such as from an interest-bearing bank account, and then demanding a percentage of this money for themselves.

“This makes the current IRS scandal seem like child’s play,” remarked Senator Rand Paul at a news conference. “By taking millions of dollars from the paychecks of hard-working Americans, the IRS has besmirched its reputation.”

The report outlined an ominous scheme of thousands of IRS “agents” using an unwitting United States Postal Service to receive money from their targets. If the victims didn’t comply, they were threatened.

Rep. John Boehner called for prison sentences for those involved. “The people who run this operation need to be prosecuted,” he said, “and all that money needs to be returned, within six to eight weeks.”

“Taxpayers deserve better,” said Rep. Darrell Issa, Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, who accused the IRS of engaging in “activities that would leave Al Capone speechless — and broke.”

“This went on year after year,” explained Issa. “Using the cover of a U.S. government agency, they ordered American citizens to make huge annual payments to them, usually around March or April.”

“It’s a clear betrayal of the people’s trust,“ he added, “and someday, we might prove it.”