Bill Cosby Had Non-Consensual Sex with Me – And I Loved It

Commentary by Boustina Garubee

I met Bill Cosby while on a business trip to Chicago about ten years ago.  He escorted me up to his hotel room and offered me a drink – what a gentleman! When I awoke the next morning strewn naked on the steps of some abandoned building on the Upper East Side, it didn’t take long before I realized what had happened: I had just made love with one of the most famous personalities in the world. While I had no memory of the event — or anything else that happened in the previous 24 hours — when I looked down and saw the sweet taint of fame glistening between my thighs, I blushed like a school girl.

The penis of Mr. Bill Cosby, star of stage, screen and television, had been inside me.  Bill friggin’ Cosby!  Sure, I didn’t witness it in person, but in my imagination, it was firm and turgid, ringed with dusky flaps and creases rippled just enough for my pleasure. Despite having no recollection of the event, I know in my heart he was a kind and gentle lover, whom I imagine must have tenderly stroked my inner thighs with his strong hands, while placing gentle kisses on my breasts as I lay in a lifeless stupor.

Although I am privileged to be one of an elite stable of women to have unwittingly had sex with the iconic actor/comedian/philanthropist, I don’t understand why more of them haven’t publicly expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to say they slept with a celebrity – or more accurately, to say they lay involuntarily compliant while a celebrity lovingly had his way with them.

And he is not just any celebrity; he is a world-renown performer who for decades has brought joy to millions of people, many of them fully conscious. And out of the plethora of adoring fans he could have chosen to ejaculate inside of, he chose me.

Recently, some of his other lovers have accused him of wrong-doing.  Really?  Well, if showering a naive country girl with ulterior motives and then coaxing her into drinking a unique-tasting soft drink he said the Coca-Cola Company made just for him is a crime, then I am glad to be a co-conspirator.

Bill Cosby made me feel like more than just a victim – I was a victim of circumstance.  I was at the right place at the right time, and he lovingly exploited that circumstance to give a young girl with stars in her eyes an opportunity to dream of big things.