Chinese Officials Go On Spending Spree with Hacked Credit Card Info

BEJING ( — The recent hacking by China into a US government employee database has allowed Chinese officials to utilize stolen credit card information to make miscellaneous purchases of merchandise, running up a tab well into the tens of millions of dollars.

Although China has officially denied responsibility for the security breach at the Office of Personnel Management, workers at various departments of the US government have reported thousands of dollars in mysterious charges showing up on their personal credit card statements – purchases that were apparently made in cities stretching across China.

The Chinese Embassy in Washington held a press conference, emphatically denying the allegations.  “Jumping to conclusions is not responsible,” said Embassy spokesman Zhu Haiquin, who appeared before cameras wearing a $10,000 gold Apple iWatch and sporting a $4,000 Brionu Suede Bomber Jacket. “We had nothing to do with this alleged theft of your Visa, MasterCard and American Express account information, and the Chinese government resents any implications to the contrary.”

China later brought down the server, as thousands of members of The National People’s Congress simultaneously booked their vacations online.