Study: Delusional Candidates Unqualified for Presidency

NEW YORK ( — A recent report appearing in Psychology Today finds that unpopular presidential candidates with absolutely no chances of being elected — such as Lindsey Graham, Rick Perry and Ted Cruz — suffer from “delusional disorder,” a condition which would render them, “wholly unqualified” to serve as leader of the free world.

“Although reviled and detested by a majority of Americans,” said Dr. Hans Flemenco, one of the co-authors of the report, “these politicians carry on in some kind of skewed reality, as if they actually had a shot at winning the White House.”

“It’s a paradox,” added Dr. Maria Beehouser, the study’s co-author. “The mere fact they believe a majority of voters agree with their unpopular ideas and bone-headed policies is a symptom of the very malady that disqualifies them from ever holding that office in the first place.”

The country is fortunate these candidates will never be president, according to the study, because delusional individuals make bad leaders.

“If any of these mentally impaired characters were to somehow become president – let’s say the Supreme Court overrode the people’s will or something — their delusions would not magically disappear once the oath of office was taken,” explained Flemenco.  “To the contrary, their false beliefs and fictional world views would most likely deepen as they carried out their day-to-day duties.”

“They could get lead us into wars under false premises,” noted Beehouser, “believing they are acting on behalf of the voices in their head.”

“Sadly, these candidates have no idea how un-electable they are,” added Flemenco, “and when they lose, they will undoubtedly blame it on everything except their own brain chemistry.”