Uranus to Appear as Large as Donald Trump’s Head on August 27th

Donald Trump and the planet Uranus

PASADENA, CA (TheSkunk.org) — Star viewers will be in for a real treat on August 27, when Uranus will appear to be as big as Donald Trump’s head. This celestial happening occurs once every 50,000 years, thus the last people to witness this event were Cro-Magnons — who, coincidentally, comprise a majority of Trump supporters.

A spokesperson from NASA said it will be hard to miss. “Look up at the night sky from anywhere in the world,” he said, “and with the naked eye Uranus will appear to be almost indistinguishable from Donald Trump’s head, minus the hair.”

The “Double Uranus” phenomenon, as it is known, is an illusion caused by a rare occurrence of cosmic events.

“Due to the enormous gravitational pull of Trump’s ever-expanding head,” said the spokesperson, “the gas giant will be forced into an egocentric orbit which, in turn, creates the illusion that Trump’s head would fit perfectly inside Uranus without much room to spare.”

Trump discounted the claim on social media, where he tweeted, “NASA Scientists Are Losers” and “Uranus is an ugly planet that looks like Rosie O’Donnell on a bad day.”


  1. Capow says:

    This is so annoying but completely true

  2. Potucek says:

    That’s Neptune…

  3. Astronomer 20394812309423809582093583 says:

    Hey that is Neptune! If you are going to make fun of someone at least get your planets right.

  4. Jalen Cox says:


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