Justice Ginsburg Apologizes for Calling Trump ‘A Faker’; Says ‘Egomaniacal Shit Stain’ More Appropriate

WASHINGTON (TheSkunk.org) — Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg today retracted her comments about Donald Trump, calling them inappropriate.  Ginsburg, known affectionately by fans as “Notorious RBG,” said that calling Trump a “Faker” was “ill-advised.”

“I don’t know what I was thinking,” admitted a humble Ginsburg. “There were so many other things I could have called him.  Using such a pedestrian expression is far below the prestige and intellectual mystique historically presented by the Supreme Court.”

Had she thought about it, explained Ginsburg, the justice would have referred to the Republican Presidential nominee as an “egomaniacal shit stain” or a “puss-infused phlegm ball.”

“I suppose I got caught up in the third-grade vernacular used by Mr. Trump and tried to fight back using words that he would understand,” she said.  “It was childish and I regretted employing that term.”