Coal Miners Blast Trump for Bringing Back Coal Mining

Photo of two men in a coal mine

CUCUMBER, WV ( — A group of coal miners criticized President Trump today for his pledge to bring back coal mining by rolling back Obama-era environmental regulations. The miners, who had worked in the coal industry for most of their lives, were relishing the end of the coal era and starting new careers in the […]

Trump Offers to Buy Iran, Evict ‘Tenants’

NEW YORK ( — Calling the President’s recently negotiated treaty with the leadership of Iran “bad business, through and through,” billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump today revealed  his own plan to purchase the entire Islamic country, creating a landlord-tenant relationship with its current occupants. Anyone wanting to stay on the property would be required […]

GM Recalling Every Car it Ever Made

DETROIT ( — In light of reported fatalities related to faulty ignition switches and power steering mechanisms – and in a last-ditch effort to restore consumer confidence in their products — General Motors announced today that it will be recalling every single vehicle it ever made, going back to its founding in 1908. “GM is […]

Disney Acquires Porn Company

BURBANK, CA ( — The Walt Disney Company today announced it has acquired Shantibody Media, the country’s largest producer of hardcore adult entertainment.  The announcement comes on the tail of disappointing box office revenue for a string of recent flops, including “Oz the Great and Powerful” —  a failure which studio execs blame on “audience […]

Apple to Manufacture iMacs in U.S. with Chinese Workers

Apple executives believe it has become financially advantageous to assemble the computers domestically, using Chinese labor.

5000 New Starbucks to Open Inside Starbucks

The store openings will ease the problem of customers not having anything to drink while waiting in line to order their drink.

Keystone Pipeline Spill Would Employ Thousands, Says Romney

Mitt Romney said that on his first day in office he will approve the Keystone Pipeline, which will create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the oil clean-up industry within two years.

The 10 Greatest Jobs of 2012

More Jobs

As 2012 looms just around the corner, The Skunk is pleased to present its annual assessment of the ten greatest jobs of the new year.

Coca-Cola Puts Cocaine Back in Formula

Cocaine Put Back into Coke Formula

ATLANTA ( — The Coca-Cola Company today announced the reintroduction of cocaine back into its popular soft drink after an absence of over a hundred years.

Postal Service to Increase Efficiency by Sending Employee Paychecks in the Mail

Postal Workers to Get Paychecks in the Mail

The U.S. Postal Service today announced plans to increase speed and efficiency by sending postal worker paychecks through the mail.