Election 2012

GOP Blames Loss on Too Many People Voting for Other Candidate

Republicans have been reflecting on the results of the 2012 presidential election, trying to find an explanation for the humiliating defeat that left their party shell-shocked and grieving.

Black Guy Who Appears Behind Romney at Campaign Rallies Asks for Raise

Black Guy Behind Romney During Speech

George K. Johnson, who was brought onto the Romney campaign in 2011 to “give the illusion of African America support,” said he receives $5 per appearance.

Romney Begins Construction on His Presidential Library One Week Before Election

Romney Presidential Library

Romney said the library will offer a comprehensive look at his presidency, including an entire wing dedicated to “my landslide victory in the 2012 election.”

Undecided Voters Drawn Toward Romney's Indecisiveness

Undecided Voters Maybe for Romney

A new survey today of undecided voters found that either 60% or 75% or 32% of them were drawn toward Mitt Romney, because of the kinship they feel with the former Massachusetts Governor’s history of flip-flops, indecisiveness and fluctuating opinions.

Romney Campaign Reveals Debate Zingers

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Forms an Opinion

DENVER (TheSkunk.org) — The Romney campaign has released a list of the so-called “zingers” Governor Romney will be using at the debate against Barack Obama on October 3. According to a spokesperson, Romney has been practicing using the zingers for months, and will be “flinging them toward the President at just the precise moment.” Zingers […]

Romney Blasts Obama for ‘Misguided’ Purchase of Louisiana Territory

Romney Crtiicizes Obama for Louisiana Purchase

Mitt Romney slammed President Obama for squandering millions of taxpayer dollars in a real estate transaction with Napoleon Bonaparte.

Romney Tells Jews He Played Shofar in High School Band

Blowing the Shofar

Mitt Romney recalled fondly how he used to play the shofar in his high school marching band.

Romney Leads Obama Among Oblivious Voters

Gov.Mitt Romney leads President Obama among oblivious voters, according to a new CNN poll released today.

Ann Romney to Debate Michelle Obama

Ann Romney to Denate Michelle Obama

The “First Lady Debate” will be the first in history to pit the spouses of presidential candidates against one another.

Staples Inks Deal with Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood Promotes Staples

Clint Eastwood has signed a deal to be the spokesperson for Staples, the office supply company that received startup capital from Mitt Romney.