Advertisers Slow Down Commercials for DVR Users

Les Johsnon, Executive Vice President of the Association of TV Advertisers

NEW YORK — Having gotten wise to television viewers fast-forwarding through advertisements on their DVRs, advertisers have decided to slow down their commercials to 25% of normal speed.

Sarah Palin to run for Governor of Alaska

ANCHORAGE — Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin has announced plans to run for Governor of Alaska in the 2010 election.

Writers’ Union to Euthanize Strike Breakers

LOS ANGELES — The Writers Guild of America, the collective bargaining organization for professional Hollywood screen and television writers, has published a list of three of its members who will be euthanized for crossing picket lines during the 2007 strike.

Michael Vick Signed to 'Fighting Bulldogs'

SALEM, OR – NFL expansion team, the “Fighting Bulldogs” – who have been struggling every season to fill their stadium — have signed a two-year, $500 million dollar deal with disgraced quarterback Michael Vick, the former football star who served 19 months in federal prison for his conviction on running a dogfighting ring.

Man Gets Cash for Clunker Wife

Clunker WIfe Worth Cash

BUTTE, MO — Due to a loophole in the federal “Cash for Clunkers” program, local dentist Halman Johnson was able to bring his wife of twenty-two years into the local Ford dealership and walk away with $4500 cash and a 2010 Escort Cabriolet hybrid.

Ahmadinejad Gets Key Endorsement from Himself

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad formally endorsed himself for a second term as president Monday in a ceremony that sought to quell discontent among Iranians, by declaring himself a worthy leader.

North Korea Prepares to Launch Tinker Toys, Legos

Kim Il Jong to Luanch Tinker Toys

WASHINGTON, D.C. — North Korea is preparing to launch a missile armed with Tinker Toys and red Legos, according to the U.S. State Department.

Old Men Have Shorter Life Expectancies

Old Men Have Shorter LIfe Expectancies

CHICAGO — Results of a study conducted by the Journal of American Research suggest that old men have a shorter life expectancy than that of their younger counterparts.

Termites Devour Dutch Shoe Factory; Fraud Suspected

Termites Devour Wooden Show Factory.

NETHERLANDS — An invasion of termites that completely devoured the inventory of the Clicken Cläcken Wooden Shoe Factory in Amsterdam is being investigated as a criminal act.