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Trump’s Hands

Hanukkah Time at Walmart

The Mitch McConnell Firearms Loophole


Princess Offers a Place to Poo

Princess Cruise Ad

At Carnival, Every Deck is a Poop Deck

Carnival Cruise Line’s new “Go Where You Are” policy allows passengers to complete their business wherever they are on the ship.

Romney's Campaign Shuttle Flies Over 47% of the Country

Sitings of Romney's Shuttle Over Southern Calirfornia

Mitt Romney’s flight thrills fans nationwide.

Costa Concordia

Sinking of Concord Concordia Promise New Coral Reef

An ad for the sunken Costa Concordia cruise ship gives promise for a new coral reef.

Family of Dr. Seuss Sues Nazi Group Over Book Title

Nazis Sued Over Book Title

Herman Cain T-Shirt

…and all I got was this lousy, minimum wage job.

Furrows in Rupert Murdoch's Brow Reveal Missing Elements of Ancient Map

Murdoch and His Map Furrows

Furrows in Rupert Murdoch’s Brow Reveal Missing Elements of Ancient Map