Sandusky Asks to be Relocated to Juvenile Detention Facility

Sadusky wearing prison orange.

GREEN COUNTY, PA ( — After being harassed and threatened by fellow inmates at the maximum security facility where he is serving a sentence of 30-60 years for child sexual assault, Jerry Sandusky has asked to be transferred to a juvenile detention facility. The former Penn State assistant football coach said the torment he receives […]

Donald Sterling to Sell Clippers to Cliven Bundy

LOS ANGELES ( — Racist owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling, whose admonishment to his girlfriend against publicly associating with black people caused him to be banished for life from the NBA, has agreed to sell his team to racist farmer Cliven Bundy. Bundy, who recently wondered aloud if “the negro” was better […]

Missing Ukrainian Marathon Runner Still Making His Way to Finish Line

Missing Ukrainian Marathon Runner

Although the 2012 Olympics officially ended on Sunday, Kyrylo Fedorchak, a marathon runner from Ukraine, has yet to cross the finish line.

Fleck Wins Gold in 3m Backflop

Fleck Wins 3m Backflop Dive

Germany’s Stephan Feck received the very first gold medal for the newly created 3m Backflop Diving competition.

Romney Replaces Entire Cayman Islands Olympic Team with Chinese

Mitt Romney Outsources Cayman Athletes to China

The decision to outsource the team was “all business,” according to Romney, who formed a shell corporation in the Caymans to handle the transaction.

Crop Circles Appear In London Park

Five Interlocking Crop Circles Appear in London Park

The Metropolitan Police Service is investigating the enigmatic loops, along with hundreds of other similarly interconnected rings that have sprung up across the British countryside in recent weeks.

Penn State Donates Paterno Statue to Vatican

Joe Paterno Statue Shipped to Vaticn

Penn State officials tore down the controversial statue of the late Joe Paterno and shipped it to the Vatican, where it will be on display at St. Peter’s Basilica.

UCLA Blames Crushing 0-50 Loss on 'Lousy Players'

UCLA Explains 0-50 Loss to USC

LOS ANGELES ( — UCLA Coach Rick Neuheisel blamed Saturday night’s colossal 0-50 loss against rival USC on “lousy players.”

Vancouver Extends Olympics Three Years

Vancouver Wants to Extend Olympics

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Unwilling to part with an event that has brought global recognition to their city, Vancouver authorities have declared they will be extending the 2010 Winter Olympics for another three years.

Rejected Super Bowl Commercials | #6

Rejected Super Bowl Commercials

Number six in a collection of Super Bowl commercials that CBS refused to air.