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The Jobs Report

Fresh off playing Steve Jobs in a feature film about the life of the famed Apple founder, Ashton Kutcher has been tapped by the Fox network to reprise his role in this hilarious new sitcom.  According to creator Seth MacFarlane , the series follows Jobs after his death, when he returns to earth as a […]

Detective Dan, Professional Crap Sniffer

Detective Dan can identify over 3000 different varieties of feces just by smelling them, yet he still can’t find a woman to settle down with.

The Vomitorium

James Belushi stars as a scientist who gets caught in a time-warp and travels back to ancient Rome, where he is hired as an inspector for the city-state’s vomitoriums.

All Those Niggahs

Joe and Alice Niggah, a middle-class, white couple from rural Kentucky, move their family into a house on a cul-de-sac in East Los Angeles, where they are affectionately known as “Those Niggahs Down the Street.” From Executive Producer Glenn Beck.

Temptation Alley

16-year-old Billy Jones discovers his family’s house is located behind a magical alley inhabited by magical women, all of whom are willing to have sex with him in exchange for money or heroine.

Ice Penis

A detective whose penis was blown off in bomb blast has it surgically replaced with a new one made of ice. Follow his exploits as he fights crime and upholds American values, while maintaining the temperature of his pants a cool 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Stars Charlie Sheen.

Befuddled Old Woman

From the producers of “The Amazing Race.” An elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is airlifted to various locations around the world and told to find her way back home. Host: Simon Cowell.

Foghorn's Leghorn

The famous 8-foot Looney Tunes rooster stars as the owner of a legal brothel in Nevada, called “The Roost.” Stars Chuck Woolery.

Anonymous Victims

Women claiming to be victims of sexual harassment at the hands of presidential candidate Herman Cain have their identities blurred out as they come forward to tell why they’re not coming forward.

I Am Christ

A man who claims to be Jesus Christ confronts the realities of skepticism in 21st Century Chicago, when people refuse to believe in him. Stars Chuck Norris.