Tenants of Trump Tower Petition for Name Change

NEW YORK (TheSkunk.org) – Residents of Trump Tower have signed a petition asking that Trump’s name be removed from the 58-story building. Although the famous skyscraper located at 725 Fifth Avenue is owned by Trump, himself, the petitioners have had no success in convincing their billionaire landlord to remove his name from the property, and now they have asked the government to step in.

“It’s embarrassing to live here,” said one tenant, who rents one of the luxury condos that he shares with his wife and kids. “I come home from after a long day at work and have to see that asshat’s name plastered all over the place I call ‘home’ – it kinda turns my stomach.”

According to the District Attorney’s office, the display of the Trump moniker may be in violation of the state’s decency laws.  If found guilty, Trump could be forced to remove his name from every property in New York where it is displayed.  “If he wants to plaster the inside of his own home with his name, that’s fine,” said an Assistant D.A. “But to force the good people of New York to have to look at this obscenity every day as they go on about their business is just wrong.”

“The word ‘Trump’ has become synonymous with fraud and bigotry,” explained the tenant. “By the very fact I live here, I seem to be impugning my own reputation and that of my family.”

Trump commented on the situation via his Twitter account. “My tenants are losers. Name to stay on building. Rent increases on the way.”