Bachmann Blames Apple CEO's Death on Obama's 'Jobs Killing' Policies

Obama's Jobs Killing Bills

WASHINGTON — GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann told reporters today she believes the death of Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs is the sad consequence of President Obama’s “Jobs Killing” policies.

Bachmann accused Obama of lacking the leadership necessary to “keep Jobs thriving in this economy.”

“When you look at the administration’s ‘Jobs-Killing Healthcare Legislation,’ ‘Jobs-Killing Taxation Schemes,’ and ‘Jobs-Killing Trade Strategies,'” said the Minnesota congresswoman, “it becomes clear that Mr. Jobs was directly targeted by this president.”

Bachmann praised the late Silicon Valley leader as epitomizing the very meaning of the word “Jobs.”

“I’ve been saying for three years that we will lose Jobs during the Obama administration,” she added, “and, sadly, I’ve been proven right.”