Barron Trump to Serve as Secretary of Child Labor

WASHINGTON ( – Despite an onslaught of conflict-of-interest accusations, President-Elect Donald Trump today announced he has appointed his son Barron Trump, 10, to serve as head of the newly created Department of Child Labor.

“Once I take the oath of office, one of my first actions will be to remove the restrictions against children working in this county,” declared the soon-to-be 45th President of the United States. “This will create millions of new jobs for grade-schoolers, while stimulating the economy, big league.”

Barron, the youngest of the Trump brood, told reporters that although he will probably never hold a regular job in his entire life, he hopes his fellow juvenile Americans can appreciate the rewards obtained from putting in a healthy 40 to 50 hours a week in sub-standard working conditions for little or no pay.

“As your Secretary of Child Labor, I will stop the corporate outsourcing of child labor to countries such as Thailand, China and Indonesia,” asserted Barron, “and bring jobs for kids under twelve back to the shores of this great country.”


  1. Carol Segal says:

    He is about as good as any of his other choices so far!