High School Junior Cannot Stop Using the Word 'Dude'

Cannot Stop Saying 'Dude'

TEMPLE CITY, CA — High school junior Byron Carter has tried unsuccessfully for the last six months to utter a complete sentence that does not contain the word “dude” in it.

Teachers Union Blames Low Scores on Dumb Students

Teachers Blame Low Test Scores on Dumb Students

A spokesperson for the National Education Association said the reason students are performing below par on national testing standards is because they are “really, really dumb.”

Glenn Beck Offered Professorship at Yeshiva University

Glenn Beck Teaches Judaism

Fox TV personality Glenn Beck has been offered a professorship at Yeshiva University.

What will he be teaching?

Cooking for Kids

The Skunk Portrait Logo

Uncle Bub demonstrates how to prepare a breakfast that your kids will eat

Pie Donations Down at Clown Colleges

Pie charts held by clowns

Despite the growing demand, donations of cream-filled pies are down 65% at clown colleges across the U.S.

Suicide Note Reveals Poor Grammar

Suicide Note

RAMSDELL, MO — A suicide note left by a local man demonstrated a remarkably poor understanding of syntax and grammar, according to authorities.