10 Most Restrictive Anti-Woman Laws of 2012

Since taking over state legislatures in the 2010 election, Republican lawmakers have been finally able to enact their long-sought restrictions on women’s rights, passing legislation that had been stifled by Democratic majorites in the past. Many of these laws, however, don’t get coverage in the mainstream media. As a public service, TheSkunk.org has compiled a list of the ten worst (or best, depending on your political persuasion).

ALABAMA – “Urinary Regulation Act.” Women cannot urinate in public restrooms without first undergoing a state-mandated course on urinary tract infections and viewing a sonogram of their kidneys.

ARIZONA  – “The Surge Act.” While engaged in any sexual activity, women are required to recite John McCain’s entire 2008 concession speech prior to orgasm.

UTAH – The “Ask and Wait” law. Women seeking an abortion must first put their requests in writing — along with a recent photograph of their vagina (preferably hairless or professionally trimmed) — and mail them to the governor at least five weeks prior to having the procedure.

MISSISSIPPI – “Sperm Are Tiny Humans Act.” Redefines spermatozoa as human beings “from the moment of ejaculation,” and creates the new crime of “Mansplotter” if they are not sent directly into a women’s incubation system.

NEW HAMPSHIRE – “You Dirty Whore Act.” Requires women who use oral contraception to list their occupation as “Slut” when applying for government programs.

OHIO – The “Stop, Look and Listen” law. Forces women seeking an abortion to first look at a sonogram of the fetus while listening to the entire 1976 album “Frampton Comes Alive!.”

OKLAHOMA – “Because I Say-So Act.”  Changes definition of “Rape” by requiring only one party to give consent for lawful sexual activity, including cases of incest.  Broadens definition of “incest” to include anyone in Oklahoma having sex with anyone else in Oklahoma.

PENNSYLVANIA – “Internal Online Disclosure” regulation. IUDs must be retro-fitted with tiny cameras, and the pictures posted on Rick Santorum’s Facebook page within 24 hours.

TEXAS – The “Create a New Texan” Act. Women who get pregnant as a result of rape or incest are required to carry the pregnancy to term and name the child “Joe.”

VIRGINIA – “Abortion Waiver” legislation. Governor Bob McDonnell signed into law a bill that would allow women to have an abortion only if they are impregnated by Governor Bob McDonnell.