Image of Marco Rubio Blowing Great Dane Photoshopped, Claims Campaign

WASHINGTON ( — A photo released online by the Ted Cruz campaign depicting Marco Rubio performing oral sex on a Great Dane is not authentic, according to Lucas Berryman, a senior advisor to the Rubio campaign.

“This image is obviously photoshopped,” claimed Berryman. “This is just another example of the dirty tricks of Ted Cruz.”

The Cruz website includes a manipulated photo juxtaposing the large canine with Rubio’s puckered face underneath.

“That’s not his tie, those aren’t his hands and that’s not even his dog,” said Berryman. “Marco doesn’t even own a Great Dane.”

“This proves how dishonest the Cruz campaign is,” said Berryman. “This photo is deceitful, and we demand they remove it from their website.”

A representative of the Cruz campaign responded immediately. “If they have a better photo of Rubio blowing a Great Dane,” he said, “we’d be happy to replace it.”