Public Doubts ‘Official’ Account of Kennedy Death

Tedd Kennedy

BOSTON — Over 68% of Americans don’t believe the official government story that Senator Edward Kennedy died from a brain tumor, according to a survey released today.

“It’s convenient to blame it all on cancer,” said researcher Johann Lipuidare, a public school custodian who runs several blogs on the Kennedy assassinations. “But there were three additional, unidentified diseases that actually dealt the fatal blow.”

Lipuidare, who has called for a thorough investigation, claims at least two witnesses saw what they believed were two fatal viruses and a bacterium lingering around Kennedy’s hotel room on a trip to Hawaii in 2007. “Tropical islands are a breeding ground for deadly diseases,” said Lipuidare, who claims to have uncovered videotape of Kennedy’s personal physician “advising the senator that he didn’t need any vaccinations prior to his trip.”

Although Lipuidare doesn’t think the government was involved in the senator’s death, if Kennedy were killed by three disparate microbes, why would authorities conspire to cover it up with a “preposterous” brain tumor story?

“If Americans knew that a conspiracy of contagions murdered their beloved senator,” he explained, “the resulting mass panic would thwart the government’s own conspiracy to inoculate citizens with the deadly N1H1 Swine Flu vaccine.”

The question remains, however, as to a motive for the assassination.

Lipuidare thinks he knows the answer. “Senator Kennedy was the nation’s strongest advocate for government healthcare reform,” he said. “The diseases needed to take him down.”


  1. for real? says:

    wait… is this a true story?

  2. for real? says:

    This is nonsense… what kind of crazy propaganda bull crap is this?
    The man was 76 years old and he had brain cancer. I dont think this poll of 68 percent of americans is accurate. I pray that we arent that stupid.

    As far as Deborah, his massive bulk? why dont you do a google image search for him and see what he looked like… he really wasnt that big, maybe 200 lbs at his heaviest. Especially after having brain cancer or even the bacteria that you think killed him, he would have lost a ton of weight.

    Deborah are you really contesting that Edward Kennedy is really even dead? People saw him… there was a viewing…. COME ON… think… think…

    To anyone who might have taken the time to read this whole thing, if you have common sense, please comment and let these nuts know that we dont believe this right wing scare tactic crazy nonsense.

  3. Deborah says:

    There is an underlying assumption that has not been proven. That he actually is dead. There is no way that casket was large enough to hold him plus there is no way that color guard had enough people to carry his massive bulk. I believe there was no body in there.

    I predict that very soon we will find Elvis, Michael Jackson and Teddie sailing around nantucket sound. Keep an eye on those satellite images. You’ll see.

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