NRA Cites Rep. Giffords as Proof that ‘Guns Don’t Kill’

Giffords Resigns

WASHINGTON (– Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), who resigned from Congress today to continue recovering from a failed assassination attempt that resulted in a bullet wound to her head, was praised by the National Rifle Association for exemplifying their motto: “Guns Don’t Kill.”

“Ms. Gifford’s ongoing existence,” noted NRA President Wayne LaPierre, “is a clear refutation to gun control advocates and their misguided attempts to limit our Second Amendment rights.”

In addition to the myriad of tributes given by her House colleagues, who expressed their admiration for her courage and dedication to her constituents, Giffords received a letter from LaPierre, thanking her on behalf of his organization.

“The NRA extends to you our deepest gratitude,” wrote LaPierre, “for exposing the perception of a gun as a lethal weapon of death for what it is — a contemptuous myth perpetrated by the left. By all accounts, you seem to be doing just fine.”

LaPierre invited Giffords to speak at an upcoming NRA conference, but she declined, citing “personal health matters.”