IRS Scam Bilks Citizens Out of Billions

WASHINGTON ( — An organization calling itself “The IRS” is demanding that millions of US citizens fill out a complicated form and return it to them with a payment amounting to a large percentage of their income.

According to a spokesperson for the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force, agents for this nefarious operation have extorted billions of dollars from virtually every working man and woman in the United States.

“The scammers threaten that if you don’t send them money, you are in violation of federal law and will be prosecuted,” said the spokesperson. “They are very canny in that they particularly target wealthy individuals or others whom they know are employed or receive some sort of income.”

The perpetrators’ modus operandi is to send their target a letter with an official looking seal to appear as if it came from a legitimate government entity.

“These people are dangerous,” warned the spokesperson. “They will harm you and your family if you don’t acquiesce to their demands.”

“We suggest you send them what they ask for,” he added, “then hire an accountant or attorney to try to get some of it back.”