McCain Rejects McCheese Endorsement

John McCain rejected an endorsement today by that well-known icon of the fast-food world, Mayor McCheese.

“On behalf of all us here in McBurger Land,” said McCheese at a press conference earlier in the week, “I wholeheartedly endorse McCain for McChief.”

But that endorsement was short-lived when a video emerged on YouTube showing McCheese discussing his atheism with a box of McNuggets. “If there was a God,” McCheese asks in the video, “would he allow innocent pieces of crispy chicken to be eaten and digested by the thousands, only to end up in sewage plants around the world?”

Sen. McCain characterized the remarks as sacrilegious and said he cannot accept the endorsement of anyone “including a huge, talking cheeseburger” that doesn’t accept the concept of the Almighty.

To which the mayor responded, “Go McF–k yourself.”