Katie Holmes to Play Nicole Kidman in Cruise Biopic

HOLLYWOOD, CA — Katie Holmes has been cast in the role of Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise’s first wife, in a biographical motion picture about the life of the leading man.

“She wasn’t our first choice,” admitted director Chris Columbus, “but Tom wanted her to play Nicole and he was relentless in getting her the part.”

Holmes said she studied the former Mrs. Cruise by following her around town for three weeks, unbeknownst to Kidman.

“I want to get this right for Tom,” said Holmes. “I want to walk like Nicole, talk like Nicole — and in our sex scenes, I want the actor playing Tom to believe that he is making love to Nicole.”

That actor “playing Tom” will be none other than Keith Urban, Kidman’s real-life husband.

Urban called his casting the ultimate irony.  “I’ve fantasized about Katie hundreds of times while banging Nicole,”  he laughed. “I guess I won’t need any rehearsals.”

Although critics’ eyebrows were raised by the casting choices, Holmes is confident it will all work out.  “I’m sure audiences will accept the spouse of a real-life celebrity portraying his ex-wife,” said Holmes, “especially when the spouse of the real-life ex-wife is portraying the celebrity.”

The film chronicles Cruise’s life from the making of his breakout film “Risky Business,” through his current marriage to Holmes, who will also be portrayed in the film.

Finding an actress to play the part of Holmes was initially thought to be its own form of “Risky Business.”  But Cruise, who is also a producer on the film, already knew who he wanted, according to Columbus.

That plum assignment went to racing driver Danica Patrick, who has been featured in magazines and advertisements, but has never acted in a feature film.

Once again, Tom came through,” said the director renowned for making classics such as Gremlins, Mrs. Doubtfire and three of the Harry Potter films.  “I would never have thought of Danica, but wow – she really transforms herself [into Katie].”

And what was it that interested Cruise in the sexy racer enough to cast her as his Number Two wife?

“Who knows?” responded the Oscar nominated actor in a recent interview on Oprah. “Maybe one day she’ll be Number Three.”

The film is scheduled to be released in 2011.


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