Voters Disappointed in Scott Brown's Accomplishments in U.S. Senate

BOSTON — It has been two days since the special election that sent Scott Brown to the Senate to fill the seat once held by Ted Kennedy, and Massachusetts voters have begun expressing their overwhelming disappointment with their new senator’s inability to acccomplish anything.

“He hasn’t introduced any new legislation or voted on a single important issue facing the United States,” said Ted Bashin, President of the New England Voters Action Committee. “This is not the change Massachusetts voters were looking for.”

Bashin noted that Brown doesn’t even have an office in Washington or a staff to assist him.

An editorial in the Boston Globe asserted that Brown has “proven himself to be the most ineffective senator in the history of the United States, and he has done so in the shortest period of time ever.”

“He said he was going to ‘hit the ground running,’” noted one disheartened Bostonian, “but so far he hasn’t done any hitting or running. I regret voting for him.”

Bashin characterizes Brown’s lack of accomplishment as “stunning.”

“We were all taken in by the smoke and mirrors of his campaign,” said Bashin, who admitted voting for Brown, “but in the end, he’s just another ‘do nothing’ senator.”


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