Fleck Wins Gold in 3m Backflop

Fleck Wins 3m Backflop Dive

LONDON (TheSkunk.org) — Germany’s Stephan Feck received the very first gold medal for the newly created 3m Backflop Diving competition, which debuted at the London Olympics Tuesday.

“I’ve been practicing this event since I was a boy,” said Fleck. “I can’t express how excited I was when my coach called to tell me the Olympic committee finally made it an official event.”

Fleck made what appeared to be a perfect backflop into the pool, but since there were no other athletes participating in the competition, officials had no other performances to compare it to and gave him a perfect 16. “I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to score this,” admitted the Canadian judge, “but he slammed his back into the pool with such bone-cracking force, I thought it looked pretty cool — and painful.”

Although there doesn’t appear to be many athletes curently training for the sport worldwide, Fleck beleives that could change by the 2016 Olyjmpics in Rio de Janeiro.  “As more and more divers experience what a rush it is to smack your spine into the surface of the water so hard that it dislocates your discs,” he said, “I think it will catch on.”