Flight Delayed in 1966 Finally Takes Off

Delayed Flight 354 Finally Takes Off

A flight delayed in 1966 finally gets the approval to take off.

Pizza Execs Never Heard of Herman Cain

Pizza Exces Never Heard of Herman Cain

Executives from the Nebraska-based restaurant chain issued a statement Friday denying that Cain ever worked for their company.

Bachmann Blames Apple CEO's Death on Obama's 'Jobs Killing' Policies

Obama's Jobs Killing Bills

Bachmann accused Obama of lacking the leadership necessary to “keep Jobs thriving in this economy.”

iPad 4 Will Have Screen as Large as Six Football Fields

Apple announced today the release of the fourth generation of its successful tablet computer.

Michele Bachmann to Open Nationwide Chain of Abortion Clinics

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), vocal advocate for smaller government and Tea party favorite, has licensed her name and likeness to a new chain of nationwide abortion clinics.

China Hiring Americans to Lay Railroad Track

JILIN PROVINCE, China ( — The Chinese government is hiring thousands of American workers to lay track for the country’s state-of-the-art, high-speed rail system.

Let Them Eat Cake

Let them Eat Cake

What are all those “Occupy Wall Street” folks mad about, anyway?

Palin Proposes ‘Mound of Mexicans’ to Stop Oil Leak

WASILLA, AK — Sarah Palin submitted a proposal today to stop illegal immigration and the oil spill at the same time by using those who have entered this country unlawfully to form a giant “Mound of Mexicans,” large enough to plug the leak.

BP CEO Assures Public His Salary Will Not Be Affected by Spill

New BP Commercial, CEO Tony Hayward

NEW ORLEANS ( — In a television commercial to be aired later this week, BP CEO Tony Hayward reassures the American people that his corporate compensation package will not be affected “in any way” by the oil spill.

BP to Build Museum Dedicated to Species It Destroyed

BP Opens Museum of Distinction

PORT FOURCHON, LA ( — BP announced today it will spend $50 million to build a museum dedicated to the plants and animals that have become extinct as a result of the company’s disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.