Phelps Scores Endorsement Deal with Bong Manufacturer

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, CA — Gold Medalist Michael Phelps has signed a three-year endorsement agreement with Toke-Rite Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of bongs and other marijuana paraphernalia.

After Kellogg’s dumped the Olympic champion as their spokesperson, recalling from store shelves millions of boxes of Corn Flakes imprinted with his iconic smiling face and medal-adorned chest, Phelps was looking for another company willing to exploit his celebrity.

“We felt Toke-Rite was a perfect match,” said a spokesperson for the world’s fastest swimmer. “Michael took what could have been a huge fiasco, and turned it into something positive.”

A picture of Phelps smoking pot, wearing his gold medals and giving the “thumbs up” sign will appear on all Toke-Rite products, beginning next month.

“We are pleased to have Michael Phelps associated with our pro-line of bongs,” said Ed Berman, CEO of Toke-Rite. “Who better to promote a water pipe than an Olympic swimmer?”

In addition to endorsement fees, Toke-Rite has agreed to pay $250,000 a year to Phelps’ non-profit “Get High and Dive” foundation, which provides quality marijuana to high school swim teams and their coaches.


  1. timesender says:

    Believe it or not, in the 1970’s i worked for a “gift manufacturer” who made marijuana bongs/paraphanalia named toke-rite! i was the only one on the crew that didnt smoke weed…that was years ago…but had to smile when that name came up.

  2. DON says:

    FYI I have a Toke Rite bong I purchased in 1977 And still have the box it came in, & both bowls and still use it daily. The side of box says “you can’t go wrong with a Toke Rite Bong”
    CHEERS, Don

  3. JOhn Woods says:

    Wow, good for him that is AWESOME!


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