Preschoolers Re-Create 9/11

Teaching 911 to preschoolers

BOSTON — Using Legos and toy planes, a class of preschoolers at a community daycare center re-created the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

“By re-enacting the events over and over again,” said Mufasa Kassab, an exchange student and part-time substitute pre-school teacher, “these offspring of American citizens will have every terrifying detail etched deeply into their minds.”

Kassab said that while thousands of people died that day, he hopes the vivid dreams of his students live on, citing the importance of “teaching your children never to forget.”

He noted that Americans have become increasingly complacent in the years following the attacks, “forgetting the lessons they have learned.”

“Some of these kids may one day want to be a pilot,” he said. “This is a good reminder about the consequences of flying a 300 ton, gasoline-powered missile-like object through the air.”

“If I can teach children to constantly look over their shoulders,” he added, “knowing that at any moment their safe, tranquil lives can be disrupted with the violent destruction of everything they know, I will have done my job.”


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