Huckabee Sanders: Dems Pulling ‘Shenanigans’ to Take 2018 Mid-Terms

WASHINGTON ( — The Trump administration today accused the Democratic Party of taking underhanded measures in order to assure victories in the forthcoming congressional races.  Sarah Huckabee Sanders expressed dismay to reporters that local Democratic clubs across the country are playing “shenanigans” by registering thousands of voters and encouraging them to show up at the polls in 2018 and vote. “This is not how democracy works,” she asserted. “You cannot simply go around reminding your neighbors about the importance of the next election, and then helping them to register –  I even heard some people are offering transportation to the polls on election day. This is socialism, in its purist form.”

The Press Secretary said the Justice Department will be looking into stories about citizens violating voter suppression laws by helping one another obtain appropriate identification required by their respective states. “Why should lawmakers spend countless hours creating restrictions on who can vote,” she noted, “when these Democratic rabble-rousers undercut the spirit of the law by reminding everyone – even minorities — that all they have to do is go to the DMV and apply for a driver’s license or state ID?”

Sanders reminded those at the briefing that the president and the current members of Congress were elected with only half of those eligible to vote actually showing up and voting. “To win with only half the people voting is testament to our President’s remarkable appeal to everyone,” she claimed. “People stayed home because they believed in Donald Trump. They believed in the power of letting other people call the shots.”

“If the liberal elite think the way to take back the Senate and/or the House is by getting more folks to vote for Democratic candidates than Republicans,” she said, “that just reveals to everyone their true motivation is to control government.”

“And,” she added, “we should all find that alarming.”