Obama’s Pastor Damns Local Teacher

The Fiery Rev. WrightAs a follow-up to his widely viewed performance on YouTube, where he instructed God to “Damn America,” Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Senator Obama’s controversial former pastor, is now seeking damnation of specific places within the United States.

In a sermon last night, Rev. Wright asked God to damn Arizona, Delaware, Florida and Montana.” Then he went on to name individual cities, “God damn Pittsburgh, goddamn Cleveland, goddamn Huston,” he said.

Toward the end of the sermon, Reverend Wright condemned individual streets. “Goddam Maple Street, goddam Third Street, goddamn Olive Avenue.”

The Reverend then turned his wrath toward the Charlie Johnson family on Pertruno Street in Des Moines, Iowa. “God damn the Johnsons,” he said. “God damn little Billy and Jeanie and their mom and dad. Damn them, damn them, god damn them!”

Mr. Johnson, a high school history teacher who has never met Rev. Wright, has put out a plea for him to “just stop it.”

“SInce he started damning me, my wife left me, my kids went to jail for stealing a car, and I was struck by lightning,” said Johnson. “Okay Reverend, you win. I’m damned, I get it. Now make it stop.”


  1. “Disgruntled Former White House Staffers Critical of Disgruntled Former White House Staffer”.

    This headline cured my clinical depression for at least 10 minutes.
    Great work!

  2. Daryl says:

    This is FUNNY SHIT!!!