New Bush Advisor: Obama

Citing Barack Obama’s “wisdom beyond his years,” President Bush revealed today that he will be heeding the senator’s advice and counsel over the remaining months of his presidency.

According to a White House insider, the president watches every speech made by Senator Obama, whose televised appearances now rival old episodes of “The Dukes of Hazard” for most hours spent by the president in front of a television. “He will be listening carefully to all of the Senator’s ideas and plans,” said the insider, “then implementing them without delay.”

A White House press release confirmed Obama’s recent influence over Bush, stating that the president’s decision to send State Department personnel to meet with Iranian officials was based largely on Obama’s opinion that we must meet with our adversaries face-to-face.

“He’s a real smart guy,” said the President. “It’s because of his leadership and insight, that I’m about to pull our troops from Iraq.”

In a speech given late Tuesday, Senator John McCain told his audience that a vote for Obama will be a vote for four more years of “the new direction of the Bush administration.”

The Obama campaign countered, releasing a statement that Senator Obama hopes President Bush will “stop doing the right thing,” and return to “leading us on a course of gloom and destruction, at least until the elections in November.”