Obama Chooses Self for V.P.

Obama Chooses Self for VPDENVER, CO — In a stunning turn of events early this morning, Senator Barack Obama announced that he would be his own running mate in the 2008 Presidential elections.

“I’ve met with all the potential Vice Presidential candidates on my short list,” said Obama.  “All very fine people, but I felt in the end that I was the best qualified to put forward my ideas and agenda, in both the number one and number two positions.”

A former constitutional law professor, Sen. Obama said there was nothing in our country’s founding documents specifically forbidding the unusual decision.

“I have brought on board a strong campaigner, who will work as tirelessly as I will to put a Democrat in the White House,” said Obama.  “Together with myself, we will have a strong ticket that can beat the Republicans in November.”

Sen. Obama is scheduled to speak twice at the Democratic convention later this week, once as the vice-presidential nominee and again as the nominee for president. 

“It’s really a brilliant move,” said Howard Dean, the DNC party chairman.  “He’s selected someone who could step into his shoes immediately, in the event something should happen to him.”

New campaign bumper stickers, signs and buttons, proclaiming “Help Obama-Obama Make Number One and Number Two” will be available at the Obama for President website.