Disorganized Community Seeks Return of Obama

City wants organization

POETS BEND, IL — “Bring back Barack!”  came the cries from this small town on the southside of Chicago, where, as a young man, Barack Obama once served as a community organizer.

In the intervening years, however, this erstwhile well-kempt community, previously organized with such love and compassion by the Senator from Illinois, has become one huge, out-of-order mess.

Throughout the entire township there is evidence of its growing lack of organization.  Trash day, which used to occur every Sunday under Obama’s tutelage, now changes randomly every other week or so, and local traffic signs have been installed with made-up words printed on them.

“Important documents have been misfiled,” explained one official.  “We’re not even sure which parking spaces are ours, and the newly painted street numbers are completely out of sequence.”

“Things were organized to perfection when Obama was in charge,” noted a citizen, “but after he left, everything went to shit.”

The official agreed.  “He was a great alphabetizer,” he added.  “He instinctively knew where everything went.”

The community council tried to recruit Obama back to his organizing roots, but they were unable to locate his phone number, presumably hidden somewhere under a stack of papers twenty years deep.

“I guess you don’t really appreciate the importance of a community organizer,” lamented the official, ” until he’s been gone for a couple of decades.”

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