Man Who Watched Entire Dorner Saga Unfold on TV Claims Reward Money

An unemployed bartender who watched the entire Dorner investigation on TV was the recipient of the $1 million reward.

Fugitive Squirrel Lurking Somewhere in Neighborhood

Deputies are combing the neighborhood for the suspected nut grabber.

Historic Document Reveals Founding Fathers Wanted Mentally Ill to Kill Many People at Once

“A free state must not constrain an individual from eradicating his fellow citizens en masse,” wrote Adams.

NRA Opposes Ban on Poison Blow Darts

NRA Opposes Ban on Blowguns

NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre said the ban on poison blow darts should be lifted “once and for all.”

Florida Passes ‘Kill the Negro’ Law

Governor Scott demonstrates new law.

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Republican Governor Rick Scott today signed legislation that would make it legal to use lethal force against black citizens if they appear threatening, frightening, or just “dark and ominous.”

Mastermind in ‘Bees for Honey’ Ring Nabbed in Sting Operation

FBI Nabs Bees for Honey Mastermind

Federal agents announced Monday the arrest of Guillermo “The Beekeeper” Patterson, leader of the notorious “Bees for Honey” ring, whose capture had eluded authorities for over seven years.

Explosion at Sugar Refinery Causes Carameltdown

Explosion at Sugar Refinery

SWEETWATER, TX — An explosion at a major sugar refinery occurred last night, as stunned employees stared on with glazed expressions.

Everyone in Loan Business Going to Prison

US Attorney General Eric Holder

WASHINGTON ( — The U.S. Department of Justice today announced major prosecutorial action against the entire banking industry.

Murder-Suicide Attempt Thwarted when Suspect Kills Self First

Foiled Murder-Suicide

SEATTLE ( — The plans of a disgruntled accountant to kill his co-workers with a handgun and then take his own life were foiled Thursday, when the distraught and confused sociopath mistakenly pulled the trigger on himself first.

Pedophiles Claim 2nd Amendment Protection

Claiming 2nd Amendment Rights

The National Pedophile Association says kidnapping and rape are constitutionally protected activities under the 2nd Amendment’s “Right to Bear Arms” clause.