Missing Flight 370 Elaborate Publicity Stunt

ATLANTA ( — There never was any airplane that went missing over the Indian Ocean, and there was never even a Flight 370. In fact, there is no Malaysia Airlines, that company having gone bankrupt over three years ago.  So how could this non-event mobilize the armies of Earth’s mightiest nations and keep hundreds of […]

Fox News Not Reporting on Study that Says Its Viewers Are Uninformed

Fox News Not Reporting What it Doesn't Want to Report

NEW YORK — Fox News executives decided not to report the results of a new study by Fairleigh Dickinson University that concluded Fox viewers are less informed about current events than those who receive their news from other sources — or don’t receive any news at all.

Showtime Premieres 'Dixter'; Rapist with a Heart

LOS ANGELES ( — Adding to its string of successful, edgy and over-the-top programs that explore the sinister side of humanity, Showtime has ordered 13 episodes of ‘Dixter,’ a dark comedy that revolves around a compulsive, yet loveable serial rapist.

Charges Against Charlie Sheen Dismissed by Judge Who is Huge Fan of ‘Two and a Half Men’

Charlie Sheen and Judge

Domestic violence charges against actor Charlie Sheen were thrown out Wednesday, when the judge presiding over the case realized the defendant is the actor who portrays Charlie Harper on the hit CBS series “Two and a Half Men.”

Fox News Operated by Liberals

Shockwaves were sent through the conservative community today, when an anonymous video uploaded to YouTube revealed that the Fox News organization is owned and operated by hard-core liberals.