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CDC: Swine Flu Victims Are Mainly Pigs

Swine Flu Victims Mainly Pigs

ATLANTA — Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control have found that 99.9% of the victims of the H1N1 influenza virus, commonly known as the “Swine Flu,” are pigs.

Palestinians Prepare for Moon Launch

Palestinians Prepare Moon Launch

Combining its fleet of homemade rocket-launchers with Iranian missile technology, the Hamas Space Agency (HASA) announced today it has begun the countdown for its first mission to the moon.

Man's Testicle Reveals Image of GM CEO

Image of GM CEO Appears on Man's Testicle

A local crossing guard claims a perfect image of GM chief executive Rick Wagoner has appeared on his left testicle.

Republican Scientists Claim Gravity a Scam

The Republican National Committee’s Scientific Advisory Board today issued a report negating claims of an “invisible force that pulls things toward the center of the Earth.”

Rush Limbaugh to Receive Oral-Anal Transplant

Oral-Anal Transplant

WASHINGTON, DC – Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh has undergone the world’s first successful oral-anal transplant.