Skunk Classics

BP to Build Museum Dedicated to Species It Destroyed

BP Opens Museum of Distinction

PORT FOURCHON, LA ( — BP announced today it will spend $50 million to build a museum dedicated to the plants and animals that have become extinct as a result of the company’s disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Travel Industry Encourages Poor to Take More Vacations


WASHINGTON — A report issued today by the United States Census Bureau revealed that poor Americans are not going on vacation nearly as often as their wealthy counterparts.

Disney Cigarettes Debut at Magic Kingdom

Disney Ciganeers

Fans of Walt Disney will now have the opportunity to smoke the very same tobacco that took the life of their beloved hero.

Wal-Mart Seeks to Hire its First Jew

BENTONVILLE, AR – Desiring to showcase its commitment to diversity, Wal-Mart is looking to hire a Jew in one of its 4200 stores nationwide.

“We are reaching out to the Jewish community,” Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke told reporters. “We want to let Jews know they have a home here.”

Kellogg’s Orders Recall After Child Finds Toy Inside Cereal

Frosted Flakes with Toy Car

Kellogg’s has recalled two-million cases of Frosted Flakes after an eight-year-old child discovered a toy car hidden inside the cereal.

Compulsive Masturbator Banned from Sperm Bank

Compulsive Masturbator

Oliver Kertockum visited the clinic every day for the last three years. When he arrived last Friday, however, staffers refused to hand over the sterile collection cup, and instead demanded he seek professional help.

Demolition Company Hiring Suicide Bombers

For the last half century, this world-renowned demolitions company has been using its cutting-edge technology to bring down skyscrapers and other concrete and steel monuments to human achievement.

Man Gives Right Nut for a Beer

Man gives right nut for a beer.

GARDEN GROVE, CA – Lee Joseph Flanders told the clerk at the corner liquor store last Wednesday that he was so thirsty he would “give his right nut for a beer,” but when he reached for his wallet to purchase a 32-ounce Molson Lager, he came up a few dollars short.

Americans Flee to Guatemala to Escape Bleak Job Market

GUATEMALA CITY — John Wilson holds a PhD in physics and has worked in the aerospace industry for over thirty years. Today he is selling cheese-stuffed pupusas — a native Guatemalan delicacy — from the back of a burro-driven wagon.

Tell-All Book Trashes William Henry Harrison Administration

A new biography hitting bookstore shelves on Friday paints a dim portrait of President William Henry Harrison.