Harassing Phone Calls Linked to McCain

PHOENIX, AZ — Backers of Senator Barack Obama have been receiving anonymous phone calls, assailing them with vulgar language and crude remarks.  The RNC and McCain campaign have denied any knowledge of the calls, but Senator Obama wants an investigation.

Over two-hundred such calls, placed between the hours of 8:00 and 9:00 pm (CST), have been reported by Obama contributors throughout the country. Recipients with caller-ID service have noticed the calls are being made from an Arizona area code, which authorities traced to a payphone at an Exxon station just outside of Sedona. 

Several staffers with the Obama campaign claim the calls are being made by Senator McCain, himself.  A spokesperson told CNN on Friday the calls start off with a voice that says, “If you vote for Barack Obama, my friend, you’re a fucking asshole.”  From there, the recipients are assailed with a miscellaneous assortment of epithets.

“I’m sure it was Senator McCain’s voice,” said one Obama donor who preferred to remain nameless.  “He called me a ‘liberal piece of shit’ and then hung up.”

Republican strategist Bay Buchanan called the claims ridiculous.  “Why would a seventy-two year old presidential candidate, down in the polls by ten points with three days left until the election, who’s tried and failed repeatedly to live up to the legacies of a father and grandfather who outshined him in their service to our country, want to throw it all away by making these crude and vile prank calls?”

But at least one of the Obama supporters claims Senator McCain inadvertently revealed his name at the outset of the call.  “I get this call during dinner,” said the supporter.  “The guy introduces himself as Senator McCain and tells me I can suck his McCock.  It was very disturbing.”


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